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Features And Benefits Of The Visa Credit Card

The value of trust and brand has been the trademark of the Visa card for many years. A lot of people have relied on Visa credit card for their purchases and other needs which convinced a lot of companies to forge tie-ups with Visa in coming up with joint venture promotions. Many more companies and establishments have entertained Visa even without having collaborative ventures with the leading credit card. A good example of a joint venture is the Visa Signature card which has proven itself with success and increased patronage.

It is quite amazing that a great multitude of people and entities have put their trust and confidence on Visa credit card. It is accepted and entertained in more than 150 countries and in almost a million ATMs across the globe. No wonder, people have relied on Visa card for their needs because of the utmost flexibility and security it provides no matter where they are and how much they travel from place to place.

Security Features Of Visa

The impressive security features of the Visa card is one of the main reasons why people have chosen it over other competing credit. The security features of the card include full detection and monitoring of the credit in real time, which means there are no delays in the tracking of the status of each and every Visa credit, whether in the possession of its cardholder or not.

It has a virtual scanning system operating round-the-clock which quickly identifies suspicious activities and immediately puts the card on hold and notifies the cardholder for verification. This system preempts any instance of fraud to be committed on the specific credit card.

A wonderful aspect of the card's security features is that there is quick and instantaneous response and action from the credit company which includes assistance against theft and having zero liability in such instances. Visa understands the implications and repercussions of card theft and identity fraud and takes swift action to prevent or mitigate such incidents, and this makes for customer satisfaction and peace of mind, especially to cardholders having large credit limits.

Collaboration And Benefits

Because of the worldwide presence of Visa, owners of the Visa credit get to experience a host of benefits to different transactions including those involving big events and entertainment. Visa is a prime mover of the Olympic Games and is also internationally recognized in soccer, football and other major sports competitions.

Even students get to benefit from the Visa card from flexibility in various financial opportunities for their studies. Art lovers and recreation enthusiasts are also afforded almost endless comfort and convenience from owning a Visa credit card for their needs, especially when having the Visa Signature card. There are also meaningful discounts and rewards points given to its cardholders.

Essential Information About Visa Credit Card

The Visa credit cards dates back to 1800, when merchants and traders used credit coins or plastic cash. This continues until today in the form of credit cards. It made transactions easier without holding cash. It was easy to do purchase on any article using such payment method rather than billing with cash. Thus, payment method with electronic cards gained its influence on the paper money and started ruling the merchant world.

Benefits of Applying for Visa Credit Card

Decide the type of Visa card required for you. Take in to account the rewards that every Visa card supplies the consumers. Nowadays the Visa cards are associated with large companies, travel agencies, hotel reservations and many others. Hence, think about all these before applying for these type of cards.
Visa card also supplies separately for streams such as engineering, business, family, students, individuals and many other as pre the Visa card policies that the company own.
Applying for it would help you payout your bills easily. It would also indicate of any fraudulent dispatch of accounted money. Steps To Apply for Visa Credit Card

Decide the best card you need by reviewing resources and other criteria mentioned before in the previous passage.
Now you can start your application just with the bank account you have.
Else, go to the Visa-applying home page and select the Visa card to apply for Visa credit card.
If any details to apply for it are asked then fill them up.
Now click apply for it.
The page redirects to bank or another account as per the association of Visa card with commercial agencies.
Here you will be asked about all your personal details, which may include social security number, and other contact details of account holder. This would be an easy section for you to do without any guidance.
To check out for terms and other condition on applying for this click terms, condition of the page, and check the details. Now click apply for Visa credit card. Beware Of Fraudulent Activities in Your Visa Credit Card

Theft of it would be for any reason. It may be to buy goods without paying or get a huge transaction without the users knowledge.
This has of course reached its peak and has no prompt recovery. However, this issue is not so easy to be identified.
One can find out about the fraudulent activities only after making a purchase. Billing information is transacted very infrequently.
Hence, it is very difficult to get that your card is used fraudulently.
Other high fraudulent works may be due to internet/mail ordering, account compromise, account take over, electronics type credit card skimming.
The thief can also use the carding information to use the card in further bills.
In such case of fraud take the issue seriously and demand the merchant for a payback and not the company where you applied for Visa credit card.
One can verify the statement every month to assure that you are safe. Precautions after Applying For Visa Credit Card

After applying, never forget to get a copy of your applied Visa credit card documentation and report. Order this by online or phone. Do not forget to have the Visa credit card you received handy such that you fill in details quickly when asked for. Collect all contact details of credit reporting agencies so that you could contact them in case of any danger signals or reports.

Enjoy Life's Opportunities with VISA

There are several credit cards out in the market but to some (snooty) people and, to some extent, merchants, unless the card you hold carry the words "VISA" then your card is considered insignificant. Well, not really insignificant, but somehow, a card that has the Visa logo has more clout and commands more "respect" among a host of international establishments than any other ordinary credit card.

What exactly is a visa card and why is it so special? Actually, a visa card is simply a credit card (by any financial institution) that is recognized by VISA. This is evidenced by the visa logo that is imprinted on the card face. Visa is, in actuality, a membership organization that is composed of over 20,000 financial institutions world wide. The members are dedicated to serving both the card holder and merchants recognizing their logo, by immediately processing payment of purchases anywhere in the world, at any given time. It simply means that, if your card carries the VISA logo, the chances that your purchase transaction will be declined is lessened.

Visa had its humble beginnings in 1958, when the BankAmericard program, an electronic payments system, was launched in Fresno, California by the Bank of America. In 1968, it was proposed that the licensed banks of the BankAmericard program bond together to form an association which will allow facilitate a centralized payments system that will greatly benefit all the members, and yet, at the same time, offer fair competition grounds for their own interests. The proponent of this idea, Dee Hock, became the new group's first president. Two years later, the control and ownership of BankAmericard was transferred from Bank of America to the newly formed National BankAmericard, Inc.

In 1976, management of National BankAmericard decided to use a simpler, more memorable name that would be pronounced the same way, irregardless of language. It was at this year that the name "VISA" was born.

Today, there are more than 1.4 billion Visa cards in circulation all over the world, generating a vast $4 trillion in global sales from 160 countries. What makes Visa a popular choice among card holders is their flexibility in terms of point of sale transactions. Since the 1980's Visa has allowed card-holders to make non-personal purchases to meet the needs of those who prefer to shop by mail or telephone. Visa is also the first bank to forge an affiliation with an ATM network, allowing cardholders to use their credit cards to withdraw cash, either from their bank account or as cash advances that will be reflected on their credit card bills.

These innovations and the security of knowing that all credit card purchases, wherever and whenever these are made, will be guaranteed, are some of the reasons why many people prefer to use a card that is recognized worldwide. Truly, you and your family can be assured that you will not miss out on anything and will be able to enjoy all of life's opportunities when your purse carries a Visa.

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Buy Prepaid Visa Gift Cards

The present world is very fast and tension filled. Hence, people look out for ways of easing off this tension. Some people take the help of yoga while others join the laughing class to ease off some of their tensions from life. But, the really smart ones take the help of prepaid Visa gift cards and reduce most of their tensions.

Prepaid Visa gift cards are a great way to reduce worries. The gift cards are one of the most popular cards available in the market. Visa is a reputed name and involves a huge amount of daily money transfer. In prepaid credit cards, you acquire the cards after fixing up a certain amount of money in it. Hence, you get the Visa cards for that money amount. Therefore, prepaid Visa gift cards are just the opposite of credit cards where the bearer pays the money after the transaction is completed. Thus, with the help of prepaid Visa, there is no danger of running up credit and getting into a debt by uncontrolled shopping and mis-management of funds.

The prepaid Visa gift cards are accepted everywhere around the globe. Every major shops, galleries and departmental stores accept the prepaid debit cards. Hence, a person can do all the shopping to his heart's fill in any departmental store of any city.

Prepaid Visa gift cards are internationally accepted cards. One can carry the prepaid debit card with them to any country that they may be traveling in. It saves the burden of taking a whole lot of cash with them. Therefore, a person will never be short of money even in a foreign country and can make any last moment transaction with it. This would not have been possible if the person had only hard cash with him/her for this cash could have gotten shortened at the end of the stay in that foreign country. Another benefit of prepaid gift cards is that a person does not have to worry about the change of currency.

One can also use the prepaid Visa cards to do money transaction on the internet. Internet is supposed to be a little dangerous medium as one can get the bank information from it. But, gift credit cards are very much safe to handle and one can do all the online shopping while keeping his bank information very much in confidence. Hence, prepaid Visa gift cards are a great way to experience the enjoyment of shopping.

Business Credit Cards Visa

One of the greatest values of Visa business credit cards is that they offer value that has been time tested and continues to stand up in the market, indicating that Visa credit cards are some of the best in the market. No matter what type of business you have, when it comes to operating your business, you need to find business credit cards and other financing options that fit with the demands of doing business in a world that is increasingly financially complex. There are a multitude of different credit cards out there that offer lending options and financing options for small businesses and large businesses alike. Some of the best cards available are Visa business credit cards because they offer a multitude of unique rewards, benefits and programs that make doing business with your Visa card a real pleasure. Consider the options that you have available to you as we look at what Visa business cards have to offer.

By having the Visa logo on your side, you can rest assured that you will be able to use your card at virtually millions of different shopping locations online and off. This is not only important to individual consumers, but to business owners as well. In this customer oriented world, finding another way to make your necessary purchases if you find yourself at a retailer who doesn't honor your credit is simply not cost effective - for you or the business you are patronizing! It is well known that some cards like Discover and American Express are not accepted everywhere but Visa business cards are accepted everywhere. If you are committed to sending your customers home absolutely satisfied, then it should make perfect sense for you to demand the exact same thing from your credit company and Visa business can offer exactly this.

Visa business credit cards offer a number of excellent features. For instance, if you intend to use your business credit cards for both personal and business expenditures, then you will benefit from the fact that Visa essentially "keeps your books" for you, creating monthly statements with both your personal expenses and your business expenses kept completely separate. Visa cards also offer excellent tools for helping to keep track of your accounts and expenditures through special money management tools and support. Visa business cards offer accurate reporting tools helping you to keep your money matters straight and organized. Employee cards with individual pre-set spending limits and record keeping, unparalleled customer service and a host of travel, fraud prevention and purchase protection related features are some of the many other things that make Visa one of the best choices for small business owners.

Bottom line: with Visa, you have one less thing that you need to worry about so you can get back to the business of running your business.

5 Reasons Why a Secured Visa Credit Card is Better Than Prepaid

Many people assume that a prepaid Visa card is the same thing as a secured Visa credit card. This actually couldn't be further from the truth. A prepaid Visa credit card is significantly different from a secured Visa credit card. Here are five reasons why.

1. The Credit Factor

If you're trying to decide between a prepaid credit card or a secured Visa credit card, chances are that your credit isn't exactly spotless. If you want to improve your credit rating, understanding the differences between prepaid cards and secured cards is critical.

If you opt for a prepaid credit card, you're not doing anything to improve your credit rating. This is because prepaid credit cards typically aren't reported to the credit bureaus. On the other hand, when you are issued a secured Visa credit card, your account activity is reported to the credit bureaus, improving your credit.

By managing your secured Visa credit card properly, you aren't just gaining access to a credit card and the benefits that go along with carrying one, but you're also increasing your credit score and rebuilding your credit history.

2. The Money Factor

There is one thing that prepaid credit cards and secured credit cards have in common. Whether you open a secured credit card or a prepaid credit card, you're going to have to send in money. That, however, is where the similarity ends.

When you give money to a prepaid credit card company, they credit the amount to your prepaid card and then you can spend the money you've put on it. That's it -- end of story. When all the money is spent, you either add more or throw the card away.

When you send in money to open your secured Visa credit card account, the money is put into a savings account and you earn interest on that account. Then the credit card company extends you a revolving line of credit equal to the amount of that account.

3. Monthly Statements

When it comes to a prepaid credit card, there aren't monthly statements to pay. With a secured Visa credit card, however, you receive a monthly statement that must be paid on time (or it will affect your credit). You will have the choice of paying the minimum amount due, the balance in full or anything in between. This activity is then reported to the credit bureaus.

4. Hotels and Cars

Nowadays when you check into a hotel they ask you whether or not you are using a prepaid credit card and many hotels and car rental companies won't even accept prepaid credit cards as a form of payment. However, there is nothing differentiating an unsecured credit card from a secured Visa credit card, which means you can use your secured card to book hotels and car rentals without any hassle.

5. Moving Forward

If you carry a prepaid credit card, there will never be a chance of it evolving to an unsecured credit card. However, it is not uncommon for a secured Visa credit card to evolve into an unsecured credit card once you have established a payment history and have proven that you can be trusted with the card.

So while a prepaid credit card may look a bit like a secured Visa credit card, the fact remains that they are very different in many ways. If you want to rebuild your credit, then a secured Visa credit card is really the only way to go.

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Visa Cards Are Generating a Bundle of Money What's the Merchant Providers Fee?

How is their money is generated?

To be able to make their money, Visa charge massive merchant charges when a customer uses a debit or credit card, and since just about all credit / debit cards use Visa or MasterCard there is no surprise this huge giant's earnings are tremendous. Perhaps it's in order to satisfy the shareholders' need for enormous dividends that drives them to charge these sorts of merchant charges, who knows. In any case there is simply very little need to cripple individuals that pay the premiums in order to satisfy this appetite for income.

These costs fall to the retailer who pays through the nose for their credit payment processing. As outlined by the British Retail Consortium (BRC), because of the high merchant premiums, in the UK the average debit card payment charges the retailer around 8.5 pence per transaction, and for credit cards it's a enormous 33 pence!

Not only do stores have to pay these merchant charges, in many cases they also have to cover their debit card terminals and other payment processing hardware, and maintain them too. All this is in order to survive the changes in payment processing and keep in advance of retail trends, when the payment processing companies, banking institutions and world-wide giants like Visa are making an absolute fortune.

The true cost

For these merchants to survive the inordinate merchant charges charged by their payment processing they are compelled to increase prices or risk losing business by rejecting card payments. In many cases merchants will raise the price of products to be able to maintain their own revenue margin. This affects every customer, even individuals that do not use debit cards, because the retailer is not allowed to charge different prices for items depending on the payment method chosen by the client; therefore those clients paying in cash are in fact penalised because of the merchant premiums relating to accepting debit and credit cards.

The solution?

There are two answers to the problem and the first is to not take debit and credit cards. If you do not have Chip and PIN devices on your business premises and you do not intend to get them then you will obviously not have to pay the merchant charges. Yet is it really worth losing all the business you can get by accepting credit cards? This firm is huge, and the amount of clients paying with debit cards is on the up. According to the BRC, in 2009 debit card sales accounted for over 44%. There is an alternative answer however.

The other answer is to choose a payment processing company that doesn't charge the earth and is more tailored to the size and operation of your business. There are payment processing companies out there who cater solely for SMEs (small and medium enterprises), and these organisations can often provide a much more competitive rate.

Visa Card Issued With 365% Interest Rate

News broke yesterday that a visa credit card with an exceptionally high lending rate has been made available to customers by a leading financial firm. The credit card is being offered to customers who have a poor credit rating and has a whopping 365% interest rate.

This is 10 times the highest interest rate for a credit card available from a high street bank. The company offering the deal is Provident Financial, a company based in Bradford. Consumers are told to pay their bill in weekly instalments which the firm's agents collect from them at their door.

The card is pre-loaded with a loan amount and the financial firm then charges its customers an APR of 183% if they use the card, during a period of 56 weeks. An article in the Times Online revealed that "If the loan [on the card] is £300 over [the] period, the customer is expected to pay back £504. However, if he or she borrows the same amount over 31 weeks, the APR can be as high as 365% and a customer can expect to repay £465." The highest APR for a credit card which is available on the high street is just 35.9%.

Consumer experts have said the reason some people might choose the card is because they would not be eligible for credit from other loan providers due to having low credit scores or no taxable income. The article by the Times also said "doorstep lending companies require only that their customers have an address where agents can go and collect payments and also have some form of disposable income, even if it is benefits."

Companies like Provident Financial might be seen as preying on those who are more likely to be unable to make repayments and the firm has come under fire for "charging such high APRs to customers who are least likely to be able to afford it."

In the recently published Times Online article the National Consumer Council (NCC) said: "These interest rates are eye-wateringly high. It's unfair that poor people are made to pay more to borrow. This is set to get even tougher with the credit crunch."

On the other end of the spectrum a special low-rate Barclaycard is available for 6.8 % APR which includes perks and a 24 hour helpline. It seems ironic that those who can easily afford repayments are charged so much less interest. Loans like Provident Financial credit cards are responsible for the current credit crisis which began due to the unreliable nature of the US sub-prime loan market. Consumers who could not afford to keep up repayments were given high-interest loans by irresponsible finance companies. In the US, it was recently reported that the number of people who are falling behind on their credit and loan repayments is greater now than it has been since 1992.

The Provident Financial credit card's extortionate interest rates come to light at a time when the Bank of England is lowering interest rates for the third time since December. The Bank of England hopes to relieve the pressure which is currently on cash-strapped home owners by reducing interest rates to just 5%. Last year the Office of Fair Trading told UK banks to end irresponsible lending and hidden charges with an emphasis on being fair to those who have a low income.

The Luxurious Black Visa Card Just for You

The latest visual treat in commercials is a lovely woman getting out of a black helicopter. She was wearing a tailored and distinctive black suit. The model of the advertisement has occupied the spotlight so much so that the viewers did not even know that the commercial was to advertise the Visa Black credit card! The scenes of beauty, wealth, and leisure all played on our heart-strings, promising a world that would open up to us if we could just have that thing, whatever that thing was.

The subject matter of the advertisement is none other than the Visa Black Card, a concept similar to that of the Amex Centurion which is an exclusive credit card released by American Express. The raw materials used to make the cards are different, where the Amex Centurion is made of titanium and the Black Visa is made out of carbon graphite. While Visa Black is most certainly a luxury credit card, it falls noticeably short in other areas when compared with the Amex; first of all, the Amex has an annual fee of $2500, compared to Visa Black's $495. Amex imposes a minimum amount of $250,000 to be spent yearly using the card, which is clearly targeted towards consumers who like to buy luxury items, though this fact does not preclude Visa Black for serving the same function too. The Visa Black credit card intends to fill a niche which could not be fulfilled by the Amex- serving wealthy people who are not at the Amex level but still go all out for quality and benefits.

Actually obtaining an invitation to apply for the Visa Black Card can be tough, as the provider, Barclay's Bank, designed it to be offered to just 1% of the United States population. A 1% cash-back feature on purchases would often accompany the successful application of the Visa Black, and coupled with a high initial ceiling of spending limit, you are in to save a lot of money with your purchases using this card. There are very high chances that you would not have to pay the annual fee of $495 for the first year, as the purchasing power you have and the cash-back could easily save you that amount and easily more. The fee itself should not be a headache for you in the first place, and if it is, maybe this card is not meant for you. There is also available a Priority Pass for airport Travel Lounges, which drastically reduces the price of exclusive lounges during you flights passing through any of over 90 countries around the world. 24-hour concierge desk to help you around an unfamiliar city, accommodation rebates in various hotels to exclusive gifts and perks offered by vendors and restaurants that you love are among the other benefits the black card offers.

The Visa Black fills its niche well, creating another option for those who are sandwiched between the ultra rich and the average person on the street. It doesn't matter if you are a sports fan, a businessperson, an entrepreneur or a person who just loves to travel; the Visa Black is meant for you! It is a highly-visible sign of success, although that doesn't mean you'll get the girl in the commercial or the helicopter to your island vacation!

Review of the AccountNow Gold Prepaid Visa Card

There are many reasons people fall into financial distress or end up in a bad financial situation. If you end up leaving your bank with an outstanding balance, finding alternative ways to conveniently cash checks and pay bills often becomes overwhelming, adding even more stress to an already tough circumstance.

If you find yourself in this situation, typically you can expect to pay $8 to $15 dollars a month in account service fees, or you can cash your check with a third party, which can cost you more than $20 dollars a month. Add in money orders and you are spending close to $40 dollars a month, just to pay the bills. With a prepaid Visa from AccountNow you will only pay a $7.50 monthly service fee, saving over $300 dollars a year.

Additionally your money will be safe too. Rather than using cash, you card is covered under Visa's Zero Liability Policy, which means if your card is lost or stolen, you won't be held responsible. Your account is also backed by the FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) up to $250,000 dollars, giving you the piece of mind to know your funds will always be there.

The AccountNow Gold prepaid Visa gives you all of the services you expect from a traditional bank. You can check your balance or transfer money online. Their website will enable you to pay all of your bills online for free. You can set up a one- time payment, or a recurring payment every month, so you don't have to worry about remembering to pay your bills every month.

Also unlike other prepaid offers this one gives you free credit builder. With this optional service every time you pay your monthly bills, i.e. rent and utilities, a record is kept and reported to a third party credit agency which helps you establish credit for the future. You can use this reference when applying for future financing, like a mortgage.

Direct deposit is even free, allowing you quicker access to your hard earned money, which means no more standing in lines at the store or check cashing agencies. And, right now, if you have two consecutive direct deposits of $100 or more, you will receive a $25 credit to your account.

When compared to other offers, Account Now Gold can potentially save you over $300 dollars a year on check cashing fees and purchasing money orders. Don't lose the conveniences you are used to just because of a few bad mistakes.

ReadyDebit Visa Card Is It For You?

A ReadyDebit visa is a prepaid card that is issued by MetaBank. It is designed for individuals with a less than perfect financial history as there is no credit check.

First you must deposit funds before you are able to make use of your card. This is as opposed to a standard card, where you are issued a line of credit. As a result, there is no limit or rate of interest, as you cannot take your account into a minus figure and can only spend what you have. This makes it ideal for those that have had previous trouble managing their money.

You can load your account through number of methods which include direct deposit, bank transfer and cash loading at a designated location. Once you have added money you will be able to use it to buy items in stores and online, pay bills and rent a car. You can also withdraw cash from one of over one million ATM's, both at home and abroad.

Additionally you get access to a free online bill payment service. And your card is also protected by Visa's 'zero liability' policy. This means that if your card is stolen or lost, you will not be liable for costs incurred and your money will remain safe.

Application are typically made online, and as long as you meet the criteria you will be accepted. These criteria require that you prove certain identification aspects, such as your name, address, date of birth and social security number. Subject to this, you will receive your card through the mail within a few business days. Your credit score is not looked at and there is no chexsystem verification.

This card carries a one-time application fee of $10, a $5 monthly transaction fee for purchases made using signature (PIN purchases carry no charge), and an ATM withdrawal fee of $1.50 ($5 if used abroad). As with any financial product you should read the terms and conditions carefully before applying for the ReadyDebit Visa, as there are a several fees and charges which you should be aware of.

It will be issued in either a pink, blue or black design you will choose during the application process. The money you have deposited in your account is fully FDIC insured. In other words the government is guaranteeing it! You will have 24/7 online account access. And ReadyDebit is an accredited member of the BBB.

Keeping the Entertainment Alive With the Sony Visa Card

Sony has been the name in electronics for years, and as our electronic devices continue to take over our lives, isn't it time you saved some money on everything you buy? The Sony Card by Visa can help. This phenomenal card has a 0% APR for the first year you own it, and after that, your APR only moves to 14.24% , which is fairly competitive with other cards on the market today. You can even transfer your balances onto this card with a 0% APR for the first year, and you'll enjoy just a 14.24% APR on those after the first year. In fact, all of the APRs on this card are incredibly attractive - even the cash advance rate of 22.99%. You have a twenty day grace period on all purchases with the Sony Card. This card comes with no annual fee, and an incredible rewards program.

The very first time you pull the card out of your wallet to use it, you'll get 1500 bonus points. From there, you get three points for every $1 you spend on Sony products through Sony authorized dealers. Even when you're not buying Sony products, you're still racking up the rewards points. You get 1 point for every $1 you spend when you make your everyday purchases with the card. While most cards call it quits on the rewards after that, Sony doesn't stop there. You get 5 points for every $1 you spend online at and Sony Style brick and mortar stores. In fact, you can find more bonus point opportunities while you're online with your card. Get discounts on DVDs, televisions, camcorders, digital cameras, and laptops with your reward certificates.

As if the great rates and the rewards programs weren't enough with this card, you'll enjoy the full benefits of carrying a Platinum Visa in your wallet every single day. From great service to amazing purchasing power, this Platinum Visa is sure to distinguish you from your peers while earning you superior entertainment rewards. There's zero fraud liability and an emergency cash disbursement and card replacement program. The Platinum card benefits even offer you an auto rental collision damage waiver every time you use your card to rent a car. With hassle-free online bill pay, there's little reason to carry any other card in your wallet than the Sony Card by Visa. Add some entertainment to your life by applying today.

Green Dot Prepaid Visa Card Review

The Green Dot Visa  MasterCard are prepaid debit cards. You may be unfamiliar with debit cards so let me explain the basics.

Unlike with an unsecured card where the company issues it and attaches a limit on which they then charge interest as it is used. With this you must load or deposit money and that amount then becomes your limit.

Instead of making purchases and paying for them later, along with the interest rate and associated fees, you pay for your purchases beforehand by loading cash amounts. The issuer is Columbus Bank and Trust Company.

You will, at times, need to load and reload value onto the card. The minimum amount of the initial load is $20 and the maximum amount of the initial load is $2,500.

You may never have more than $2,500 loaded onto the card at any given time. To load or reload your Green Dot card, you may have a portion of your paycheck directly deposited to your card or you may purchase a Green Dot MoneyPak universal reload from locations such as Rite Aid, CVS, Eckerd, Radio Shack, The Pantry and other participating merchants. The MoneyPak costs $4.95.

The card charges a $4.95 per month maintenance fee, $2.50 for each ATM transaction ($3.00 per international ATM transaction, $4.00 per cash advance from a teller or non-ATM transaction), up to $1.00 per call to obtain your balance using the interactive voice response system or a live operator, and $10 fee to replace a lost or stolen card. Always be sure to read the Terms and Conditions before applying.

Columbus Bank and Trust Company also offers a Premier version of this card. Be sure to research the Premier card fees before moving forward.

Fees include, but are not limited to, a one-time $19.95 membership enrollment fee and a $5.00 fee per month if you do not load $750 per month to the card. Additional charges may accrue if you use an ATM.

Likewise, if you purchase one of these cards at a store, the retailer will charge an initial activation fee and a reload fee. Be sure to check with the retailer for the costs involved with purchasing one of these cards.

Personally, I would not apply for one of these cards, though I guess it would depend on your situation and why you need the card. Again, personally, I don't really feel that I want to pay to call someone's answering machine.

I also don't want to pay $5 per month merely because I don't reload $750 per month. I believe I should be the one to decide how much a balance I want to maintain.

Additionally, there are other cards which allow more flexibility as to reload options.

Facts About Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card

The J.P. Chase and Company provides tons of options to the people at large, thus enabling them to properly manage their money matters. The same can be said about the Chase credit cards, which come with very lucrative and beneficial offers. One of them is the Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card, which is truly beneficial for those who are frequent travelers.

The Various Aspects of the Credit Card

The introductory annual percentage rate of this card is 0 percent; this rate is applicable on balance transfers or new purchase for the first twelve months. Once the introductory period expires, the annual percentage rate increase to 14.24 percent. The variable annual percentage rates depend on the prime rate.

If you pay your balance full each month then you are sure to reap great benefits. If, however, you plan to carry balances, you will invite unnecessary finance charges (due to the 'Two Cycles Average Daily Balance' method used to calculate the finance charges).

The card charges no fees. You are not required to pay anything towards annual fee; there is nothing as participation fee, reload fee, application fee and/or inactive fee. The rewards for this card are in the form of miles.

The Credit Card Rewards

The Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card is very apt for those who are interested in travel reward credit cards. If you are a credit savvy and credit worthy consumer, then this card is worth your needs.

The reward program for this credit card is very interesting. You will have to pay $29 to be inducted into the rewards program. There is the chance of earning one mile for every single dollar spent on the purchases. You can also use your accumulated miles towards hotel charges, car rentals, cruises and many more. The reward program enables you to save for 250 airlines.

The various platinum services of this card incorporate auto rental insurance, travel accident insurance, travel and emergency services and many more. You can also make transactions with your account from anywhere in the world through the Internet.

The other services of the platinum card include emergency card replacement, emergency cash replacement, lost and stolen card reporting and many more. The cardholders also get purchase protection and they will not be liable for unauthorized card transactions.

Therefore, if you love to travel, then you should start using the Chase Travel Plus Platinum Visa Card, which will enable you to save miles for your next vacation. Before you do so, go through the card limitations and restrictions.

Everything About Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card For College Students

The different types of Citicards issued by the Citibank perfectly complement the needs and demands of the college students. One among them is the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card that is very beneficial for the college students who are very much interested in pursuing a great academic career.

The Basic Features Of The Card

Only those college students can avail the use of the Citi MTv Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students who have a pretty clean credit record - have paid the credit card balance in time or have kept the balance amount very low. The card also rewards those students for high GPAs. The card has all the attributes that can usher you towards a bright future. Since the card has very low annual percentage rate, therefore you can work towards a good credit rating.

The Key Features

The card has a 0% introductory annual percentage rate applicable for the first nine months. But once the introductory APR period expires, the rate changes to 17.99 percent. The cardholders do not have to pay any annual fee on balance transfers.

With this card, you will have enough scope to save money; transfer the balance on another high interest rate credit card to this card within the first six months, and the 0 percent interest rate on cash balance and/or on balance transfers will help you save some precious dollars.

The Card Advantages

The most significant and unique advantages of this card are as follows:

·The card enables you to earn 5 points for each dollar you spend in the restaurant, record stores, bookstores, movie theatres or anywhere else. In this way you can earn up to 2000 thank you points twice each year and with these points you can buy gift cards, merchandise and many thing else.

·You can check your account online or even reimburse the bills. There is the possibility of checking the number of points that you have accumulated.

·You can both earn and trade points for the special events of the MTV channel or other entertainment activities.

·Annually you can earn unto 75000 points and the reward expiration period is 5 years.

·The card also enables you to save up to 10 percent at the You can make the purchases interest free and earn points as part of the reward program.

·If you make purchases from the online store or the MTV Net York city store, then you can enjoy discount on purchases.

·The cardholders can also benefit from auto rental services, travel accident insurance and many more.

·The other benefits of the card include Internet services like the emergency cash replacement, emergency card replacement, fraud and security protection services, auto rental insurance, $1000000 in travel insurance and other similar benefits.

Credit Card For Bad Credit Improve Your Credit Rating With a Bad Credit Visa Card

If you have a poor financial history, you may think that there is no way out of the financial hole that you are in. But there are solutions. You may be able to obtain a credit card which will help you to improve your standing with the rating agencies.

Bad risks are often turned down for various types of loans. However, you may be able to find lenders who would be willing to offer you a card, regardless of your FICO score.

Once the banks give you a card, this allows you to borrow money in order to purchase goods and services or to pay off other debts. Each month, when your bill comes, and you make payments (either in its entirety or partially), you are improving your score. Banks who issue these cards will send your information to the three main reporting agencies. So just by paying your bills you can improve your rating.

If you have a bad finance history, and you are able to find a bank or other lending institution that is willing to loan you money, you should accept it. But you must use this financing vehicle responsibly - make purchases and pay your bill each month. You will gain purchasing power and improve your score with the rating agencies at the same time. Having the buying power and improving your FICO score is an excellent combination.

As you can see, a credit card can help you to purchase goods and services while improving your FICO score, which will make it easier for you to borrow even more money in the future, if the need arises.

Citi mtvU Platinum Select Visa Card for College Students A Good Choice?

All too often, it seems like part of being a college student is being almost broke all the time or at best, having very limited financial resources. While having a credit card such as the Citi® mtvU(TM) Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students doesn't eliminate the hardship altogether, it can certainly be used effectively to spread every dollar just a bit further and get some cool freebies at the same time. Here's how the card stands up to the tough competition.

The Ever Important Interest Rate - How Does It Rate?

The Citi® mtvU(TM) Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students delivers when it comes down to interest rates. In fact, the APR for purchases on this card actually outranks many other student credit cards and even holds its own when lined up against many of the cards intended for those with perfectly established credit and stable financial security.

Offering six months of introductory interest free purchases, this student credit card can help when it comes to covering those hefty book costs for the semester. Making payments on this always dreaded purchase without the added interest can really help the pocketbook. Even so, if you can manage paying off in full every month, and you should if at all feasible, you'll avoid paying any finance charges at all.

If interest charges have been accumulated on other credit cards, the Citi® mtvU(TM) Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students is a very viable choice for consolidating those amounts with a balance transfer. The card's six months of interest free balance transfers is right up to par for the course.

What Reward Perks Does this Credit Card Offer?

Simply put, lots of them. With 5 ThankYou Points® given for every dollar spent with the Citi® mtvU(TM) Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students at many of the places most popular with college students, the rewards do add up with regular use. Purchases outside of book stores, restaurants, record stores, video rentals, and movie theaters will still receive one ThankYou Point per dollar of purchases.

Unique to the Citi® mtvU(TM) Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students is the added benefit of earning 25 points for on time bill payment and the thoughtful bi-yearly recognition of keeping a good GPA with up to 2,000 ThankYou Points. So again, the points can add up quickly if the card is used on a regular basis.

When enough have been accumulated, it is easy to cash them in for gift cards or airline tickets to go visit a buddy, hit the slopes for the weekend, or just to jaunt home for the holidays. This credit card's perks and rewards are among the best of the bunch.

Looking at the Bottom Line

When it comes to college student credit cards, there are many options to choose from. Some of them outperform this card in one individual category or another. However, for a well rounded package with good interest rates, good rewards, and other valuable features, the Citi® mtvU(TM) Platinum Select® Visa® Card for College Students is a worthy pick.

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Why You Should Consider a Prepaid Visa Card

Here's a simple fact: how a person handles their money can greatly affect which payment method is best for them. For example, a thrifty and more responsible spender is often better suited with a credit card, those who don't make big purchases find that a debit card is just right for them, and people who need a little extra help to manage their spending find that a prepaid Visa card is a perfect alternative to debit and credit cards.

Yet this doesn't mean that prepaid Visa cards are only right for the latter group; in fact, we've gathered some of the best reasons as to why you should consider getting a prepaid Visa card today!

You Can Avoid Hidden Fees. Let's face it - debit and credit cards are loaded with hidden fees that are designed to drain away your hard-earned money. Overdraft penalties and outrageous interest fees are causing more consumers than ever to turn to prepaid Visa cards in an effort to avoid these costs. Prepaid cards have no interest charges or overdraft penalties. So if you hate getting socked by hidden charges - and who doesn't - then a prepaid Visa card is right for you.

It's A Convenient And Secure Payment Method. If you're a fan of online shopping or paying your bills online, then you'll love prepaid Visa cards, as they offer a safe payment alternative to debit and credit cards. If your account information is ever stolen by online hackers and thieves you'll be protected by Visa's Zero Liability Protection Policy against fraudulent use of your card.

It's Accepted Everywhere. It's no secret that Visa credit and debit cards are accepted all over the globe - and your prepaid Visa card is no exception! From the heart of the big city to a remote tropical island, you'll be able to conveniently use your prepaid Visa card for any purchase.

There's No Credit Check Required. Since you're loading up your prepaid Visa card's balance with your own money, banks don't require a credit check in order to issue you one. This is especially useful if you have a poor credit score, as you're guaranteed approval with a simple ID validation! Additionally, some of these cards can help you build or establish a credit history - and a good credit history is the key to getting the best rates on all sorts of financial products like mortgage loans and car insurance.

Some Common Costs Associated With Prepaid Visa Cards

Visa gift cards are like any other business out there, to make money while they are providing a service. So if someone purchases a gift card, for a certain amount, and the recipient receives that amount, how does the service provider make their money to be able to pay for the costs of making the card (minor, yes), processing the card for each gift purchase, and keeping track of the accounting? Well, there are charges, some hidden and some not so hidden that will pay for the costs to provide this service.

Some prepaid visa gift card plans carry a monthly fee, which is usually around $10 per month. The monthly plan includes 2 free ATM withdrawals, a free convenience fee (when you don't use your PIN) and no maintenance fees. This kind of plan is useful if you plan on using the ATM at least twice a month and like to check your balance regularly. All in all, if you plan to use your card a lot, if you can, you should get a bank account, or a credit card and can pay your balance off every month, you would do better with those options.

There is also a pay as you go plan that has no monthly fee. The difference with this plan is that you pay each time you check your balance, and each time you want to withdraw money from your account. You will also get charged a maintenance fee as well if you don't use your card for at least 3 months. This plan is more cost effective if you don't use your card more than once or twice a month.

In either case, using a prepaid Visa card, or any other type of prepaid card for that matter, will have some costs associated with it. These types of cards are really not recommended for those with good credit and have a bank account with their own ATM service feature. If you plan to use your prepaid card regularly, or you get paid by having a balance added to a prepaid account, you will end up paying to access your own money. If someone proposes this payment arrangement, going the PayPal route will be much better solution.

Other lesser known costs associated with the gift cards concern using the card for more than just a cash card or a debit card. If you use your card to pay bills, there is a bill payment fee of $1.00. However, even before you get charged to pay your bills, there is a one time charge of $2 to enroll your card to pay your bills. If you decide that you want to change your plan from the monthly to the pay as you go, or the other way around, you will get charged a 'plan change fee' of about $2. If you want to transfer a balance from your prepaid account to another account, you will be charged a fee of $2.95. Last but not least, if you lose your card, you will get charged a $3.95 fee to replace your card.

Most of these charges don't exist with credit cards or bank accounts, so it is very evident that the use of prepaid visa cards should be used sparingly and if no other option is available, as you get charged for almost any activity that you perform on your card. Find out all you can about the difference between credit cards, debit cards, prepaid visa cards and gift cards before you make your decision on which solution is right for you.

Increasing The Credit Limit Of The Nations Visa Card, Again!

We've all heard the talk about the need to once again raise the Federal Debt Limit or the United States will go into default on its debt. What does this really mean and will our politicians raise the limit?

Wow, $14.5 trillion, that's a big, really big number and that's the number being thrown out in the request to increase the nation's credit line. What is the real impact of this on you and me as the ultimate guarantors of this massive amount? In terms of the size of this debt it is important to note that the national income or Gross Domestic Product is also around $14 trillion. Therefore, it's a little like saying you earn $140,000 and you carry $140,000 in total debt. For most American's, this isn't a huge problem. So why is it talked about all over the place as the beginning of economic Armageddon? There are four points I'd like to make that explain why this is different than the American family and their situation.

Number one, in addition to being in debt, we're continuing to run massive deficits of over $1 trillion dollars per year. So using our example again, not only is our American family with $140,000 in income, $140,000 in debt, but they're adding to this debt at about another $12,000 per year with no end in sight. Eventually, adding in that additional debt each year will make this an unsustainable situation.

Number two, and perhaps the most daunting problem, is what's thought of as "unfunded liabilities". Simply stated, when an insurance company promises to pay you a death benefit, they're required under law to hold a certain amount of that value in liquid securities, thus ensuring their ability to pay. Or, a pension plan that looks to pay out a pension must have cash to do so. Well, if there isn't enough cash to cover those future liabilities, or promises, it's referred to as an "unfunded liability". It's not debt because you haven't incurred it yet, but it is real nonetheless. And our two big hits there are Social Security and Medicare. Together, these pseudo insurance plans have made commitments to pay out over $60 trillion dollars over and above their reserve accounts. The only way to fund this massive number is to cut your promised benefits, or raise your contributions.

The third relevant point is that of the spending incurred in Washington that leads to this $1 trillion plus annual deficit, about 50% of it is what's called "Mandatory spending". What this means is that it can't be cut! This includes Social Security, Medicare, and interest on the debt. So when our politicians talk about cutting the budget, they only have ½ of the budget to work with which is defense, foreign aid, government operations, other social programs and the other stuff. So cutting this budget is not as easy as people might think.

The fourth point is the impact of interest rates and the cause for concern. On a $14 trillion dollar debt, a 1% increase in interest rates is $140 billion dollar increase payments. Many of us remember the late 1970's and early 1980's when interest rates on government treasuries hovered around 15%. Well, if that happened again, moving from 1% to 15% would increase the interest payments by 14% x $140 billion or $1.9 trillion in annual interest payments. This would be more than 100% of the discretionary budget in total.

So there is real reason to be concerned about this. We must cut the budget, reduce the promises that have been made, and get our nation's Financial Path on a journey that is sustainable. Otherwise, this one child of ours with a Visa card is going to bankrupt us too. Remember, it's ultimately our Visa card.

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Bad Credit Visa Cards Comparing Credit Card Offers

One approach to quickly rebuilding a negative credit rating entails getting approved for a major credit card. Many credit card companies offer lines of credit to people with poor credit. Most bad credit credit cards are secured. However, it is possible to locate a lender that is willing to approve an unsecured Visa card. Before completing and submitting a bad credit application, research more than one company and compare different offers

Compare Credit Card Interest Rates

Many factors contribute to the interest rate that a credit card company charges. If you obtain a pre-approval credit card, these companies likely realize your low credit status. In this instance, they are offering a major credit card to help boost your rating. Keep in mind that these cards will carry higher rates and more fees. Still, comparisons are important.

When evaluating different credit card companies, compare the interest rate. Typical interest rates for bad credit applicants can be as high as 29%. Before accepting a higher rate, consider other offers. It may be possible to obtain a lesser rate.

Bad Credit Credit Card Annual Fees

If you have bad credit, be prepared to pay additional fees. Credit card companies are offering a valuable service. Most lenders will not grant credit to persons with low credit rating. Thus, bad credit lenders will make you pay a little extra. Aside from higher interest rates, bad credit credit card companies have annual fees, monthly service fees, and higher late fees.

If possible, select the credit card company with fewer fees. When making comparisons, read the terms of agreement carefully and look for information about yearly fees, transfer fees, late fees, and extra fees. Unfortunately, many bad credit credit cards charge several upfront fees. Thus, there is an outstanding balance before even using the card.

Using Bad Credit Credit Cards

The key to successfully rebuilding credit involves establishing new credit habits. Bad credit credit cards are very effective and a great way to make a fresh start. However, if you continue to make late payment or acquire too much debt, your credit score will never improve.

Are Prepaid Visa Cards Any Good?

If you're looking for an easy and convenient way to control your spending, or if you're just sick of paying overdraft or interest fees that are associated with more traditional debit or credit cards, then a prepaid Visa card sounds right for you! These cards, which can easily be found at banks or purchased online, are handy items to have when you're looking to circumvent credit or debit cards. Want more reasons as to why you should pick up a few prepaid Visa cards today? Read on!

Guaranteed Approval! If you have a less-than-stellar credit history (and let's face it: who doesn't?), then you've probably encountered problems when attempting to get approved for a credit card or bank account. Fortunately, prepaid Visa cards require no credit checks whatsoever, so you're guaranteed approval! Additionally, prepaid Visa cards are just as important as credit cards in bolstering your credit score, so if your credit rating could use a boost, then you can't go wrong with these cards!

More Freedom! With your prepaid Visa card, you'll never be required to maintain a minimum balance, which means that you can spend as much as you'd like without worrying about fees. Speaking of fees, some prepaid Visa cards have no overdraft penalties, as the card simply won't work if you try to go over the limit. So say good-bye to annoying credit or debit card fees and hello to financial freedom!

Larger Limits! Unlike with credit cards - which have a predetermined limit decided for you - you can load up your prepaid Visa card as much as you'd like. In fact, there are Visa cards that will allow you to put up to $10,000 on one card! This offers consumers great flexibility in deciding what their spending limit will be, as opposed to banks and credit lenders.

You Can Control Your Spending! If you tend to spend more than you should - which can be a major pitfall of credit and debit cards - then prepaid Visa cards will allow you to only spend as much as your balance. In this way, prepaid Visa cards are a great way of learning financial responsibility, especially when used by your children or teenagers.

Analyzing the Application Form Visa Card We See Everywhere

The application form visa card is everywhere today - we see it in our mailboxes, on the internet and in radio ads. Even flight attendants are giving them out. If you are applying online, please check to be sure the site is secure. When a site has https at the beginning this indicates it's on a secure server. If you prefer you could call their customer service number or request a mailed application sent to you.

It's important to read the fine print because sometimes a 0 percent apr can apply just to the balance transfer. Your rate may be higher than what you are actually paying now for purchases if that's the case! Some prefer to do the application form visa card by mail to avoid any possible identity theft issues as well as to be able to read the fine print and not feel rushed. You want to avoid things building up where you have to turn to "consolidate credit card payment" options.

Keep in mind that it's best to compare as the application form visa card may have frequent flyer points for certain companies or have other advantages. Intelligent use of the new credit card will assure that you don't get caught up in the credit card merry-go-round of overspending, transferring balances, debt consolidation and then getting back into the cycle. If you are getting the card for a child who is at college, there needs to be a heart to heart talk about the ways to use the card and purpose. Students often don't keep track of their expenses or cell phone time and can rack up large bills in a short period of time. Though the consolidate credit card payment option can be used, it is nonetheless debt.

Advantages Of Prepaid Visa Cards

A prepaid visa card is as good as money. It looks just as flashy, smells just as good and never loses its grandeur! In fact it is an edge over money because of its many conveniences. Also as a leading credit card company would say "the look on somebody's face when you fetch out your own visa card... priceless!"

In the age of plastic money there is nothing as advantageous to use as a prepaid visa card. A prepaid visa gift card can be used by parents, children, and senior citizens etc. in this article we shall discuss the advantages from each person's point of view.

From the parents point of view this could be the best thing possible. Imagine a parent didn't know what to get their child for their wedding or birthday and ended up giving cash instead of a prepaid visa gift card. At such times the child would accept the money and spend it on his wants and the parent wouldn't even know where that money has gone. They could ask the child but there is no foolproof method to determine whether or not the child is telling the truth. However if the parent were to purchase a visa gift card and put in the same amount of money as the credit limit for the card, it would serve that purpose as well as the purpose of keep tabs on the child's expenses.

The prepaid visa cards are re loadable and can be filled up with a new limit as and when needed. This manner the parent can supervise the child's spending by keeping track of his expenses and cutting down on what should not be spent on. This would help you stick within a budget and not make any superfluous expenditure.

From a child's perspective this could be a good thing. For one the card has immense show off value. All children love to show off their gizmos in front of their peers. The visa gift card can serve as their show off tool. Also they provide the child for simpler payment method. There is no chance of being cheated when at a shop and waiting for the keeper to return change. They are aware of every expense they make because of the receipt they sign and undertake responsibility for. Having a card doesn't weigh you down with the loose change that one may get. Also there is no chance of you losing the money because it is all plastic money.

If the child is living overseas or is studying abroad the method of using visa prepaid cards is an excellent method of transferring funds to the child for their use. This is an advantage to both parents and children.

Sometimes senior citizens live in old age homes. At such times pre paid visa cards are handy tools for all their monetary transactions. They do not have to keep their money on them hence minimizing the chance of theft. They are not burdened by the change and the requirement to the math while purchasing a product and awaiting the change. There are also some prepaid cards specifically made for the purpose of medical expenses. These cards can be reloaded and used to pay for their prescription drugs or even if they go to the doctor for a regular check up.

All in all prepaid visa cards are a boon to all!