Sabtu, 04 Juli 2020

The Luxurious Black Visa Card Just for You

The latest visual treat in commercials is a lovely woman getting out of a black helicopter. She was wearing a tailored and distinctive black suit. The model of the advertisement has occupied the spotlight so much so that the viewers did not even know that the commercial was to advertise the Visa Black credit card! The scenes of beauty, wealth, and leisure all played on our heart-strings, promising a world that would open up to us if we could just have that thing, whatever that thing was.

The subject matter of the advertisement is none other than the Visa Black Card, a concept similar to that of the Amex Centurion which is an exclusive credit card released by American Express. The raw materials used to make the cards are different, where the Amex Centurion is made of titanium and the Black Visa is made out of carbon graphite. While Visa Black is most certainly a luxury credit card, it falls noticeably short in other areas when compared with the Amex; first of all, the Amex has an annual fee of $2500, compared to Visa Black's $495. Amex imposes a minimum amount of $250,000 to be spent yearly using the card, which is clearly targeted towards consumers who like to buy luxury items, though this fact does not preclude Visa Black for serving the same function too. The Visa Black credit card intends to fill a niche which could not be fulfilled by the Amex- serving wealthy people who are not at the Amex level but still go all out for quality and benefits.

Actually obtaining an invitation to apply for the Visa Black Card can be tough, as the provider, Barclay's Bank, designed it to be offered to just 1% of the United States population. A 1% cash-back feature on purchases would often accompany the successful application of the Visa Black, and coupled with a high initial ceiling of spending limit, you are in to save a lot of money with your purchases using this card. There are very high chances that you would not have to pay the annual fee of $495 for the first year, as the purchasing power you have and the cash-back could easily save you that amount and easily more. The fee itself should not be a headache for you in the first place, and if it is, maybe this card is not meant for you. There is also available a Priority Pass for airport Travel Lounges, which drastically reduces the price of exclusive lounges during you flights passing through any of over 90 countries around the world. 24-hour concierge desk to help you around an unfamiliar city, accommodation rebates in various hotels to exclusive gifts and perks offered by vendors and restaurants that you love are among the other benefits the black card offers.

The Visa Black fills its niche well, creating another option for those who are sandwiched between the ultra rich and the average person on the street. It doesn't matter if you are a sports fan, a businessperson, an entrepreneur or a person who just loves to travel; the Visa Black is meant for you! It is a highly-visible sign of success, although that doesn't mean you'll get the girl in the commercial or the helicopter to your island vacation!

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